Relief for the impoverished and terminal


Care Beyond Cure

A donated vehicle provides transportation for home care and patients.

A donated vehicle provides transportation for home care and patients.

Regular free public clinics. Caring for the poor.

Regular free public clinics. Caring for the poor.


What We Do

Ruma Abedona Hospice is a medical care service providing free care and relief to the poor and terminally ill in Kolkata, India. Services are provided by local doctors, nurses, trained personnel and volunteers. Services include pain management, medical and emotional counseling to the individual and loved ones until the time of death and beyond.


Ruma Abedona Hospice is a non-profit charitable trust built to extend care, medication, instruction, physical, spiritual and emotional support for the terminally ill. Santanu Chakraborty and a whole team of dedicated volunteers, doctors and nurses serve relentlessly and selflessly as an NGO providing Care beyond Cure.

Patients, who are suffering from a incurable diseases often go through the worst phase of life due to pain, financial loss, fear of death and much more. We at Ruma Abedona Hospice extend our support to those patients and their family members through proper guidance, care and medication to improve the life of those patients. Cancer in India, if not diagnosed at an early stage is usually fatal. A patient moves slowly towards death with lot of physical, mental and financial suffering. Treatment is beyond financial reach of most and a lack of education means even basic care is not possible.

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Our Services

  • Ruma Abedone Hospice takes immense pride and announces that we have collaborated with Chittaranjan National Cancer Institute ( since July 29, 2013. RAH is functioning inside CNCI, a premier cancer institute of the eastern region of India, since July 29, 2013.

  • Providing free medicines to under privileged terminally ill patients

  • Free health check-up camps at various under-privileged villages

  • Home care for terminally ill patients

  • Awareness programs in the form of educating and informing about the incurable diseases and cancer

  • Training for caregivers, nurses and volunteers

  • Assistance to widows, orphans and blind girls

  • Providing books and stationery to brilliant students who are denied the comforts of life

  • Providing free medicine to under-privileged patients through our health camps

  • Providing blankets and clothes to the destitute through awareness camps



1. Providing medication and providing professional services. Current need is about USD$10,000/month

2. Building a care facility for respite care. Typical stay of 1 week. 10 bed capacity. USD$2,000,000


Providing pain relief and the medications for free.

This is part of our medicine bank.

We are able to source quality medications at the best prices,
however it is a costly part of what we do.



We provide pain relief, other medications and medical supplies for free. We are able to source quality medications at the best prices, however it is a costly part of what we do. We also need to hire qualified doctors and other medical personnel to oversee and provide many services to our patients.



In-home care is currently provided by volunteers and subsidized professional health care workers, all provided free to patients. However it is our goal to establish a short-stay respite center with capacity to care for 10 patients.



Ruma Abedona Hospice has gained both the widespread respect and support of the local community. Many volunteer, donate blood and call on the hospice for services. Be a assured that every dollar donated is spent directly and efficiently.



Ruma Abedona Hospice (Indian Website)

RAH Australia

Without the support of many organizations and individuals in Kolkata, Australia and the USA it would have been impossible to bring this care to the streets of Kolkata.


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Map shows approximate location of hospice in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.


Our Story

Santanu and Meheli

Santanu and Meheli


Life was beautiful for professional musician Santanu Chakraborty and his wife Ruma (Moitrayee Chakraborty). But the happiness didn’t last long. Tragedy struck them when Ruma was diagnosed with non-hodgkin’s lumphoma and passed away in October 2000.

Rumas’ demise exposed Santanu to the need for care of the terminal. There were no resources or services available to him in Kolkata at that time. During his mourning period a desire grew to help others in Rumas’ circumstance. A shattered Santanu gave up his career as a musician and soon he realized that God had entrusted him with a greater responsibility- to help patients who are suffering from cancer, and other life threatening ailments in their final stage of life.

In October 2001, Santanu went to Australia and underwent an extensive Palliative Care course at the McAuley training center in Perth, Western Australia and also completed his post- graduation in 2008 in Palliative Care and health from Finders University, Adelaide, Australia. He did his practical training at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital, Perth, Western Australia under the guidance of Dr Anil Tandon.

After coming back to country, Santanu founded Ruma Abedona Hospice(RAH) on July 29, 2002, in memory of his beloved wife Ruma.

After 14 years of growing the Hospice, Santanu eventually married again. A faithful volunteer named Meheli. She shares the passion for the hospice and continues the work with Santanu.


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The goal of Ruma Hospice USA is to provide the resources needed to provide medicine and skilled are. Each $US stretches a very long way in the Indian economy so your giving is powerful in providing compassion on the ground.

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